[fancy_box title=”Single Wrap” ribbon=”16″ bgcolor=”#0000a4″ heading=”$79.00″] Single Wrap. 1 hour session [/fancy_box]

[fancy_box title=”3 Wrap Package” ribbon=”30″ bgcolor=”#0000a4″ heading=”$210.00″] 3 Wrap Package.  A $27.00 Savings! [/fancy_box]

[fancy_box title=”5 Wrap Package” ribbon=”32″ bgcolor=”#0000a4″ heading=”$325.00″] 5 Wrap Package.  A $70.00 Savings! [/fancy_box]

[fancy_box title=”10 Wrap Package” ribbon=”26″ bgcolor=”#0000a4″ heading=”$600.00″] 10 Wrap Package.  A $190.00 Savings! [/fancy_box]

[fancy_box title=”Photo Laser Facial” ribbon=”55″ bgcolor=”#f881ff” heading=”$139.00″] Invigorating laser facial increases collagen production and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles [/fancy_box]

[fancy_box title=”Teeth Whitening” ribbon=”55″ bgcolor=”#f881ff” heading=”$79.00″] Whiten those teeth for a more beautiful smile [/fancy_box]