Benefits Of the Infrared Body Wrap

[one_fourth] Burn Calories [/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last] With the Infrared Body Wrap, you can burn from 900-1400 calories in a single 50 minute session.  Your body will burn off those calories throughout the day and the best part is that inch loss with the body wrap is permanent. [/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth] Fat Loss[/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last] The HLC InfraRed Body Wrap applies heat to the body for the purpose of getting under the fat tissue and thinning the blood, allowing it to get into the areas where your fatty tissue is prominent. Whens the body brings blood back into fatty areas that have restricted blood flow, the body’s metabolism will increase. The heat will soften the fatty tissue, which  causes the fat to break up and dissipate into the blood stream in the form of calories, which are burned up as energy. [/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth] Metabolism [/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last] Calories that are burned during a body wrap can vary for each person, depending on their size.  Regardless, calories will be burned as if you had just exercised. As a result of the wrap, your metabolism will also be increased for a minimum of 24 to 36 hours after using this treatment. Your body will be burning calories at a higher level for several days after a body wrap treatment. The best results are obtained by scheduling an Infrared Body Wrap Treatment at least twice per week. [/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth] Cellulite Reduction [/one_fourth]

[three_fourth_last] The Infrared Body Wrap treats adipose tissue and cellulite with far infrared heat and is a method of selectively delivering targeted infrared energy to each client’s “problem areas”. These areas are typically the buttocks, stomach and thighs where cellulite tends to occur because of a lack of circulation in those areas.  The wrap reduces the fat stores and eliminates the toxins under the surface of the skin. These toxins and fat deposits are the main cause of the dimpled appearance of cellulite. In addition, the Infrared Wrap heat penetrates deeply into the clients body. This will  liquefy the subcutaneous fat,  releasing it via the sweat and other body elimination systems. [/three_fourth_last]